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Flatplanet Films has a track record of delivering efficient, award-winning productions for independent filmmakers, corporations and non-profits, overseeing the entire process of market strategy, development, scripting, production and distribution.



When Anthony Tarsitano brought us his script for Calling it Quits, he was looking for help getting the film produced. We responded immediately to the quality of the story, timely themes and poignant, uplifting ending. While cognizant of the challenges, we believed the project had potential to speak to a broad audience, so we stepped in with a plan to help get it produced... and distributed.

Flatplanet Films's role

During development we identified two primary audiences: babyboomers active in online communities and those exploring spirituality. Both expressed interest in substantive stories that treated their generation and subject matter with respect.

Informed by this research, we developed a production strategy focused on recruiting exceptional talent and maximizing shoot days. The goal was simple — provide the director time to craft stirring performances, outstanding production values and a moving film.

Collaborating with the director, Flatplanet Films next developed an innovative outreach and distribution strategy designed to locate where the film's audience was populated online and connect with them. Unlike most independent films that rely solely on social media or throw resources into ad campaigns that quickly dissipate, we created a targeted, recurrent strategy that reached core audiences directly at nominal cost.

As part of our integrated outreach effort for the exclusive DVD release, we worked three parallel tracks, (i)developing traditional press and critical support; (ii)leveraging web 2.0 tools such as blogs, forums, social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, Youtube, and BlogTalk Radio; (iii)recruiting credible online partners who promoted the film directly to their members/customers with exclusive offers and pricing.

Calling it Quits successfully launched on September 15th, 2010. To date, the DVD has sold in more than 20 countries worldwide and continues to reach new audiences.


Grand Jury Award
Best Feature

JS Int'l Film Festival

Best Story
Best Actor

LI Int'l Film Festival

Best Actor
Best Ensemble

Phoenix Film Festival

Best Director
Best Actor

SINY Int'l Film Festival

Dennis Boutsikaris: W, In Dreams, Surviving Picasso

Jessica Hecht: Sideways, Breaking Bad

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