Calling it Quits

Written by: Anthony Tarsitano

Directed by: Anthony Tarsitano

Produced by: Jeanne Suggs and David C. Stuart

Cast: Dennis Boutsikaris, Jessica Hecht, Robert Clohessy,
         Jack Mulcahy

Release Date: 2009 | Type: Theatrical | Now Available on DVD


Dante Milestone is not happy. His struggles with everyday life, his past, even the question of 'the existence of a higher power', have led him to evaluate his life and set out on a painfully humorous quest in search of his happiness.

But he soon finds it's not that simple. It is not until a fateful encounter sets him unexpectedly on a path of self-awareness that he begins to look inwards. Only there, can he face the underlying truth and find true peace in the present.