Written by: Alfredo DeVilla, Natt Moss

Directed by: Alfredo DeVilla

Produced by: Luis Dantas, David C. Stuart, Manny Perez

Cast: Manny Perez, David Zayas, Callie Thorne
         Danny Canavale, Judy Reyes

Theatrical Release: 2003  |  Now Available on DVD


In the Latino neighborhood of New York City's Washington Heights, a young illustrator burns to escape the Heights and his heritage, and make a splash in "The City." He soon discovers that sometimes, pursuing one's dreams comes at a heavy cost.

When his father, who owns a bodega in the Heights, is shot in a burglary attempt, Carlos is forced to put his dream on hold and run the store. In the process, he comes to understand that if he is to make it as an artist, he must embrace the community he comes from, take that experience back into the world, and put it in his work.